My name is Uwe Hartmann, from Southern Germany. Besides working as a research engineer, I like to travel with my wife Jadi and take photos from all the places we see. We have a short list (places to visit soon) and a long list (places to get to someday!).
For the stories behind some of the photos click here to get to Jadi Campbell’s blog.
I got a Nikon D750 camera in 2014 and use it mainly with Nikon 24-120mm  f/4.0 lens.  Before that I took photos with a Nikon D300s,  a Nikon D200 and a Canon PowerShot G3. Click on “Photo info” below the slide show photos to see more information about the technical details.

All slideshows were created with jAlbum from jAlbum.net, using the Matrix skin.
The maps are created with the “RVM – Responsive Vector Maps” plugin.

Contact: info@viewpics.de

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